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We've been thinking about our modern lifestyle, where we spend around 80 per cent of our time.

" Can we get a little closer to nature? "

This question has led to 20 years of research and love for moss, and the creation of Moss Wall Art's unique pieces.

Fill any indoor space with the greenery and fragrance of moss in nature.

맞춤 ​액자 (Frame)

맞춤 테라리움 (Terarium)

맞춤 벽면녹화 (Mosswall)

Green Process Certification ISO
- Environmental Management System
- Quality Management System

The birth of Moss Wall Art dates back to about 20 years ago.

In 2004, the company's predecessor, the European Topiary Association (EUTO Ltd.), was established, and since then, it has proven its construction capabilities by creating the largest vertical garden and story garden in Korea using moss, and has collaborated with various partners such as the 30th anniversary Four Seasons Garden of Samsung Everland, the G20 Summit Garden of Incheon International Airport, the rooftop garden of Shinsegae Department Store Headquarters, and the Panda Family of Hyundai Department Store Headquarters.


Afterwards, he moved to the UK to study various plants and research activities in foreign countries and established a corporation, Euto Ltd. for several years, and after accumulating experience and know-how, Moss was established for domestic activities. 


We spend about 80% of our time indoors, but the space where we can meet nature is becoming more limited, and health-threatening factors such as ultra-fine dust and soot from overseas are increasing every year.

With the motto of "Bringing nature indoors", Moss Wall Art aims to deliver the close visual effect and beauty of moss, and all processes are carried out by hand, and currently, all Moss Wall Art pieces are made using only natural moss, adhering to eco-friendly processes to promote a healthy lifestyle, and special preservation treatment to keep the beauty semi-permanently.


Moss Wall Art is not just a product for sale, but a piece that can accompany you for a long time.

Moss Dream Co.

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Company highlights


Full member of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)

- Introduced the first European topiary in Korea in 2004

- Founded the European Topiary Association (EUTO) and served as its first president

- Created Korea's largest vertical garden and various story gardens

- Created the G20 Summit Garden at Incheon International Airport

- Created the Samsung Everland 30th Anniversary Four Seasons Garden

- Created a rooftop garden at Shinsegae Department Store

- Created the Panda Family at Hyundai Department Store

- Creation of AK Plaza Meeting Plaza Animal Farm

- Palm Camille Story Garden

-Creation of Yongin Woori Land Garden

- Seoul Land Model Garden

- Suwon Hwaseong Museum

- Reconstruction of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

- Seongnam Art Centre Exhibition

- Deokpyeongland Jurassic Park

- Baekryeonji Theme Park

- Hyundai Motor Group x Hope Bridge Regional Children's Centre, 40 social welfare facilities

- Creation of a rest area on the 4th floor of Daejeon City Hall

- Government Building

- National Police Agency

- Fire and Rescue Service

- Korea Meteorological Administration

- Gangwon-do Provincial Office

- Jeollanam-do Office of Education

- Yeoju City Health Centre

- Wanju County Health Centre

- Changnyeong County Health Centre

- National Assembly Building

- Export-Import Bank of Korea Headquarters EXIM

- Hyundai Motor Company Headquarters HYUNDAI

- Korea Military Academy KMA

- Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power KHNP

- Korea Electric Power Corporation KEPCO

- Gunpo Urban Corporation GUC

- National Institute of Chemical Safety NICS

- Korea Polar Research Institute KOPRI

- Icheon Agricultural Technology Centre

- Changwon City Nae-seo Sports Centre

- Yura Medical Foundation Onnuri Nursing Hospital

- Cheonan Dujeong Jinjin Hospital

- Gyeongseong Middle School

- Namhangang Elementary School

- Seoul City Office Workplace Children's Centre

- Siheung Police Station Daycare Centre

- Jecheon Police Station Daycare Centre

- Jungle Dome JUNGLEDOME

- Starmon Headquarters STRAMONG

- EDIYA Coffee Headquarters EDIYA

- Aveda Hyundai Department Store Sinchon AVEDA

- Galleria Department Store Luxury Hall GALLERIA

- and many more

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